Adcal Elite Dentures

At Adcal we understand that many patients are looking for a superior, high quality private dentures and with this in mind, we have developed our elite denture range. These dentures are a premium level product, using only the highest quality materials available and made in-house by our Senior Technicians. The dentures are processed using the Ivoclar Vivodents Ivocap Injection System. This is an innovative system which continuously pressurises the high impact acrylic to 6 bars of pressure throughout the full polymerization process, which allows an outstanding denture fit as well as a much reduced possibility of fracture when in general use.

To provide the patient with a more natural appearance, our elite range of dentures are made using Schottlanders Enigma Colour Tone System and the Enigma-life tooth range, which have a more aesthetically characterised tooth appearance and which come in a wide variety of shades and moulds. Schottlander have dedicated many years to developing hard wearing, durable tooth which has an opalescence to look more natural under everyday lighting. To enhance the aesthetics of the teeth, Schottlander use specific detailing , such as the lateral teeth being marginally lighter than centrals, canines being darker mesially and having a greater translucence distally which mirrors the qualities and appearance of natural teeth.

In addition to these teeth, our highly skilled technicians use enhanced gum-contouring techniques alongside colour-tone gum-staining and stippling processes to provide an anatomical likeness and the fullness that natural gums provide to support the patient’s facial structure and give a more natural look and feel overall.

Whether requesting our Acrylic Prostheses or our superior quality Cobalt Chrome Dentures, by using these high quality materials and advanced techniques, Adcal Dental Laboratory produce a comfortable, superior fitting, denture which has a more natural overall appearance and which provides a high degree of patient satisfaction.

For further information on our Elite range of Dentures please call on 0141 881 2547

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